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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Vanguard 5305-simple

Instructions and Help about Vanguard 5305-simple

Hey guys it's a mom and Christina from Aris journey today we are going back into our Vanguard portfolio to share with you guys some more of our holdings but today we are gonna focus on the ETFs that we own if you've been watching our channel you know that about three months ago we went into our Vanguard portfolio and we went over everything that we owned but we really skimmed over the ETS but since then we've got over 400 comments and 75,000 views on that one video and so we want to go back and focus on different areas of it and on today's video we're going to focus on the ETFs that we are investing in for financial independence now if you've been watching our previous videos you know that we also invest in index funds and our favorite index fund of all time is VTS ax and we did a video on that but in this video we really want to talk about ETFs because our etf's have been on a tear and actually some of our ETFs have been up as high as 28% right now but before we get into the ETFs that we invest in let's do two things first we want to define what an ETF is and then we want to talk about why maybe you should consider investing in an ETF so an ETF is an exchange-traded fund and it trades on the New York Stock Exchange it trades on the Nasdaq Nasdaq wherever there is an exchange there's probably an ETF on it now if you're familiar with buying and selling stocks you do the same thing with ETFs you buy them and sell them the exact same way but ETFs are actually very special because ETFs actually hold tens hundreds even thousands of stocks are bonds in a single fund now if you've owned a mutual fund or in particular an index fund it's very similar to an ETF or owning in ETF ETFs have this built in diversification and you can own them at a low cost now that we've defined what an ETF is let's talk about why we sometimes would like to invest in ETFs over mutual funds or index funds the first reason is that ETFs are typically cheaper to begin investing in when compared to a mutual fund equivalent for example vit ax is Vanguard mutual that's made up of tech companies to invest in that index fund you would need a hundred thousand dollars to get started a hundred thousand dollars just to get started investing in that mutual fund but there's an equivalent ETF and it's a VGT and to invest in vgt you only need about two hundred and twelve dollars just to get started the second reason why we like ETFs is that there are more unique investment choices I mean there are thousands of ETFs out there and there are thousands of ETF that invest in.

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