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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Simple ira providers

Instructions and Help about Simple ira providers

In this presentation we will add a payroll item into QuickBooks a payroll item related to a 401k or retirement benefit this will add a level of complexity that we will then use as we process payroll into our payroll problem within QuickBooks for more accounting information and accounting courses visit our website at accounting instruction dot info there we are in the home page we currently have the open windows open to open the open windows go to the view drop-down and select the open windows list we are currently in the paid version if you're in the manual version you may want to go through and enter these types of items by going through the interview process again meaning going to the employees tab and then go into the payroll setup and go into that interview process because it'll give you more of a questionnaire kind of format which you may not get in the manual introversion if you go straight to lists as we'll do here and the paid version we're gonna go here to the lists drop-down and we're gonna go to the payroll item list the Federal item list these are going to be the things that kind of drive the payroll processing and what we're going to do is we're going to add one related to the 401k plan that retirement plan add a lot of level of complexity to our payroll as we process the next payroll so we're gonna go to the payroll items drop up down down here and we're going to add new so we're gonna say if there's gonna be a new payroll item and we'll go through this interview process now we're gonna use the easy setup I don't really want to do the custom setup we're gonna do the easy setup so QuickBooks will help us which is nice we have the these options we're going to set up a retirement or benefit plan or simple IRA and say next we have different retirement plan options we're gonna choose the 401k I'm not gonna go through the different types of plans now but those are worth researching we're gonna say next the vendor we're just gonna have a mock vendor for 401k this is who we would pay so we would collect 401k money and then give it to you basically the vendor in order to set up our 401k for the investments that we would have I'm not gonna set up any regular payment schedule we're gonna keep it as is and say next and that's it will say finished and there we have it it should set up that 401k I'm going to maximize this items list again and if we go through here we'll see that now we have the 401k match and the 401k employee so an employee and employer portion we're going to now go to the employee and set up the 401k for the employee we're just going to set.

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